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The project ACTIVE ASIA focuses on the higher education sector in two specific regions: the European Union and Central Asia. Specifically it centres on virtual Masters and distance education programs offered by higher education in those two regions.

As a starting point we present two reports. The first one analyses the current situation of higher education in the European Union and the second one looks at the reality of higher education institutions in Central Asia.

A third document, soon to be released, will undertake a comparative study of the reality of higher education in both regions according to analyze later the following indicators:

  • Academic quality and the integral nature of the syllabus
  • The language used and the policy for attracting foreign students
  • Admission and mobility criteria
  • Quality, certification and programme assessment criteria


ACTIVE ASIA European Union Report

ACTIVE ASIA Central Asia Report

ACTIVE ASIA Central Asia - European Union - Comparative Report

SWOT analysis of Higher Education systems in Central Asia countries to develop distant learning

ACTIVE ASIA Final Report


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